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DẦU MÁY NÉN KHÍ Dầu máy nén khí Atlas Copco


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Dầu máy nén khí Atlas Copco
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Tên sản phẩm: Dầu máy nén khí Atlas Copco
Part number: Atlas Copco

Dầu máy nén khí Atlas Copco Roto-Xtend Duty Fluid.

Put top quality oil in  to get the best out of your compressors
When your air compressors need to perform at top capacity, only the Atlas Copco lubricant is good enough. That’s why it pays to use Roto- Xtend Duty Fluid. Atlas Copco superior performance long life PAD oil, specifically developed for use in Atlas Copco oil injected screw com- pressors.  Based on synthetic hydrocarbons and special additives, our engi- neered 8,000 h lubricant has proven its ability to meet all lubrication demands under widely varying conditions. Roto-Xtend Duty Fluid in- creases compressor reliability, reduces lifetime operating costs and makes your equipment last longer.