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Kaeser 6.1995.0 Lọc Khí
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Tên sản phẩm: Kaeser 6.1995.0 Lọc Khí
Part number: 6.1995.0


Tổng quan

Filter Dimensions

Weight (lbs) A B C D E F G H BAR1 BAR2
41.89 7.51" 0.41" - - - - - 18.74" - -

1 Bypass Valve Opening Pressure 2 Anti-Drainback Valve

Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications

Specifically designed to fit your original equipment, our air intake filters offer equal to or better than performance based on each manufacturer's stringent specifications. Since our suppliers specialize in filtration, they are able to take OEM requirements and combine that knowledge with their filtration experience to build a superior filter.

Holds its shape

An eCompressedair air intake filter holds its shape under pressure and will maintain the maximum surface area for improved performance. It's rigid construction helps maintain even pressure differentials keeping filter from collapsing and shutting down your compressor.

Better Construction

Because of how it's constructed, you won't find one of our air intake filter failing prematurely. Built with such features as steel metalwork, nylon end-caps and metal to metal welding, with our air intake filter your compressor can perform better and last longer.


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Filter Dimensions